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    Iron and liver - .5 T quantification.
    Yves Gandon - Medical Imaging, Rennes, France.


      A .5T magnet must not be used to quantify slight overload.

    Type in the mean values of MR signal given by ROIs, up to three for the liver and one or two for the paraspinal muscles.
    TR / TE / PA° Liver (1) Liver (2) Liver (3) Muscle (1) Muscle (2)

    GRE 120 / 14 / 90°
    GRE 120 / 14 / 20°
    GRE 120 / 28 / 20°

    Warning !

    The different LIC values given by this java applet are shown (-999 = not calculated) in order to check that the software select the best one. Usually, in case of major overload the most sensitive sequences underestimate the LIC. On the other hand, the precision is more accurate with the most sensitive sequences in case of slight overload.

    The normal upper limit of LIC is 40µmol/g. A "slight" overload, below 100µmol/g, is not important if the patient is old. On the other hand, this type of overload must not be neglicted in a young patient. Above 100µmol/g we can use the term of "moderate overload" and above 200µmol/g we can consider that is an "major overload", but it is not an "official" terminology.

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    Updated: August 22, 2003