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    Iron and liver. MR results.
    Yves Gandon - Medical Imaging, Rennes, France.

       LIC calculation

    A calculation algorithm has been developped using correlations between liver iron concentration (LIC) and MR results.

    Several sites (Rennes, Angers, Lorient) with different MR equipments have contributed to get theses results.

    The LIC value yielding by the java applet is a statistical estimation. In few cases there was slight differences between LIC estimated by MRI and the LIC get by biopsy. It was not possible to say what was the technique which was right. However, previous series have shown that biochemical assessment can be less reliant in case of irregular distribution of iron or in case of associated lesions such as fibrosis (32).

    Artifacts (particularly due to the air in lung bases) could generate wrong results. Technique used must be appropriate technique to avoid main errors.

    The result given is an estimation and it must be compare to the patient history and biological results.

    The software proposed need to use a browser supporting javascript and java.

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