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    IconoTech: your DICOM teaching files library.
    Yves Gandon - Medical Imaging, Rennes, France.


    IconoTech is a software allowing the constitution of clinical cases in a DICOM (or not !) environment. Cases created are compatible with the Eurorad online database or with the ImageMed web site.

    You can download a beta version.

    IconoTech is created by Yves Gandon, M.D. (Université de Rennes 1).

       Teaching files in a database

    IconoTech is built using 4th dimension (4D), Windows and Macintosh compatible. However, up to now, only the Windows version of IconoTech is available (DICOM functions are not implemented on Macintosh version right now).

    Each case contains various text fields:

    • to classify (subspecialties, medical codes such ACR or MeSH, level of difficulty...),
    • to describe (context, studies and images findings, multiple quiz, diagnosis, bibliographic references),
    • and to follow (patient name, patient ID, completion status) the teaching files.
    Images, in various formats (DICOM, BMP, PICT...), are stored independently.

    A multicriteria query module yields a teaching file list or an image mosaic.

    An export function allows to transform a subset of images in various images format (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT) or to send complete cases to other servers. An e-mail module is integrated in the software.

       A DICOM software

    IconoTech is DICOM compatible (store provider only in the Standard version).

    The database can receive and automatically integrate images, using the information included in the DICOM header.

    DICOM windowing parameters can be modified. Images can be converted in various image formats (PICT, BMP, JPEG or GIF).

       Intranet/Internet functions

    In the beta version, you can send e-mail containing images (or full teaching files in a xml format) included in the database. This function is used to submit cases to web sites such as EuroRad on line database.

    In the Gold version, a web server integrated in the software gives an access to the content of the database or to static files placed in the web directory. Then you can serve using intranet or internet your teaching files.


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