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    DICOM softwares
    Yves Gandon - Medical Imaging, Rennes, France.

    The purpose is to make a list of several tools (freeware or software) usefull for a radiologist, especially to deal with DICOM images.

       Visualize DICOM images

    If you want an easy understandable too, l recommand you Osiris from Geneva team (freeware, PC + MAC). There is no DICOM receiver included and you have to find a way to get DICOM images on your local disk.

    If you want to find a mathematically sophisticated software to analyze images, download Image from NIH (National Institute of Health - Washington) (MAC + PC). Here also there is no DICOM receiver.

    If you need a reporting workstation (only on PC), download E-film de Toronto. All functions you need are included (stack synchronisation, angiographic substraction, cine mode for ultrasound loops ...). This software is DICOM store SCP and SCU.

    You can also try AccuImage d'AccuSoft, a high speed DICOM viewer.

    If you need a DICOM swiss knife (=multipurpose tool) download DICOM-Eye . From the same company, I recommand you DicomToaster, which will allow you to (very easily) receive DICOM images, browse images on the disk and select the studies you want to put on a CD.


       Organize you DICOM images library

    If you want to burn CDs you can use E-film or DicomToaster.

    If you want to create you teaching file library with a real database, you have the choice between RadFiler and IconoTech. RadFiler is more an image organizer software than a real teaching file library. IconoTech has more functions and particularly an integated e-mail module. You can created teaching files with quiz and send them to international databases.


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