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    Department of Medical Imaging
    Yves Gandon - University Hospital of Rennes.

        Hemochromatosis and MRI       DICOM & softwares

    In case of suspicion of liver iron overload, it is now possible to replace a liver biopsy by a MR study, if this biopsy is only performed to quantify the amount of iron in the liver. This quantification is not mandatory in case of genetic hemochromatosis proved by genetic test. In that context, hyperferritinemia is a good reflect of the level of overload.

    This site describes the technique, the main indications and propose an on-line java software to quantify the iron in the liver.

    If you want to detect a slight overload use only a 1.5T magnet.

    These data come from a large experience (more than one thousand of studies) and particularly from a multicentric study (174 patients).

    You need a java plug-in to run the quantification software. If you have some trouble to use it (behind a too restrictive firewall for example), send me an e-mail to receive an off-line version.

    You will find here a selection of links to download very usefull DICOM softwares (freewares or sharewares) and particularly IconoTech.

    IconoTech is able to create and organize automatically teaching files using DICOM images. You can send directly from a DICOM device DICOM images in this database.

    You can use IconoTech to store educational images, to convert these images from a DICOM format to a JPEG, BMP... format, to browse the database using a multicriteria query, to place selected images on digital slides or to send them by e-mail.

    This software can also automatically submit images to the EuroRad on-line database.

    Free download of a beta version.

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